The last year I've created 5 video tutorials about realistic compositing or image manipulation. In these tutorials I show and teach you not only the way I work in Photoshop, but also what is important before the post processing, like the light and where to take care of when taking the photos. In these tutorials I explain all the techniques that I use for creating my images. I tell you everything! I don't have any secrets about my workflow, I don't believe in secrets. It's all about passion!

In the Basics tutorial, my first tutorial, I explaine all the techniques you need to know about creating realistic composites. From camera techniques, to shadows, to dodge and burning. A must have tutorial if you want to start with this kind of photography.

In the tutorial Colors and Reflections we go one step further. We don't only talk about reflections in water, but also how light is reflecting and infecting the colors. With the basics tutorial you can create realisitic composites. With this one you make them even more believable and better compared to all who don't understand or use these techniques.

In my Light and Portraits tutorial I explain more about light. How light behaves(and shadows) and how to simulate natural light for example. We also concentrate in this tutorial on how we can create a better looking portrait. Many people see portraits and want to create a simular one, but don't understand that it's not only taking an image. Many portraits adjusted in the post process. I will explain you how you can do the same in this tutorial. Also in this tutorial we will create some rain and snow, to make the images more awesome.

Ever wanted to create some giants? We gonna do that in the Giants tutorial! In this video workshop of more than five and a half hour I tell and teach you the entire workflow I use to create my giant composites. I tell you what you have to keep in mind when shooting backgrounds for these kind of composites, which angles suit the best when shooting the models that you are going to use in these giant composites.

How great is it, to create your own reality!! In the tutorial Animals and landscapes I show you how. In earlier tutorials we worked with an existing photo as a background, but in this tutorial, we gonna create the complete scene. We create our own background, our own world!!

You can find all my tutorials and more here in my online shop.