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Free artwork for children's hospitals and other instititions
that are taking care of the health of children!

Till now I never did anything with the many images I’ve created. Many photo stock sites asked for it, but it was not something that I wanted. I never knew actually what I wanted with my images other than creating memories of my past and my sons live.

This changed recently. I was at the school of my son during an event and saw how much fun the children had. At the same moment, there was a fund raising action going on on the dutch radio for a child with a terminal disease. Of course I enjoyed seeing all the children having fun during this Christmas market, but I was thinking about the many children who couldn’t enjoy playing around with other children at this moment. Children who are in a hospital having a disease or even worse, a terminal disease. I felt sad and suddenly it came to me. How would it be if I can put my work on the walls of hospitals. How would it be if my work can bring a little bit of joy in their lives?

With this thought in mind I've decided to release my high resolution images for free for all institutions that are dealing with less fortunate children. Due to copyright reasons I can't put all the images that I created in this set, but I hope you like this selection.

Send me an email
All institutions that want to put my work on the walls can email me. After I received your request I will send all the high resolution images of all the images, you see on the left side of this page. You have to let them print out yourself.

You can send a request to:

There are only a few restrictions. It’s not allowed to sell my images or use them for any commercial project without any written approval. It’s not allowed to print my images for an other purpose than hanging them on the wall. If you email me, tell me your name and website of your institution. To prevent any misuse of my images your email address needs to be an email address not coming from a big provider, like for example gmail, live, hotmail, aol etc. From your email address I want to know that you really belong to the institution you say you are.