About me

My name is Adrian Sommeling. I am a photographer, digital artist, graphic designer and web developer based in the Netherlands. From 1990 I have been earning my living by working in the advertising industry. In fact, I have worked for many national and international companies as well as for different agencies and governments.

Apart from my passion for creation I love the interaction with clients. I deeply believe in teamwork as one of the best means to improve and get any company’s achievements. In my earliest days my focus was on graphic and web design. However, some years afterwards photography and digital art, has become my main aim. What used to be canvas, oils and brushes have given way to my pc or laptop screens and the digital brushes in photoshop.

I do not only work for my clients. In my spare time I do love creating photos out of surreal situations, very often my own son is the main character within the scene through him I disclose my own past and future stories. I give workshops all around the world and since a year I also have video tutorials available that are covering my complete workflow.