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Hello and welcome to my temporary website! Are you looking for... tutorials!

If you are looking for video tutorials, where I explain everything, without any secrets, how you can create realistic compositions, this is the place to be. I will teach about camera techniques, light and the post process.
More information and the tutorials you can find on this page! making of movies on Youtube!

Every Friday at 16.00 hrs (cet) I upload a new kind of making-of movie on Youtube. Together with my son I show in 5 minutes what we did to create the image. That means an introduction, the photo shoot and we walk fast through the post process. They are fun and inspiring movie, but are no tutorials. For this you have to look at my.... tutorials ;)
Here is the link to my Youtube videos! portfolio!

On many places on the internet you can view the images that I create. These are the most important ones: Facebook, Instagram,!

If you don't know me. My name is Adrian Sommeling and I am a commercial photographer from the Netherlands. I create advertising images for big and smaller companies all over the world. In my free time I like to create fun and surreal images together with my son. He is often the model. If you want to contact me, the best way is to send me an email. Hope to see you soon!
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